Trustworthy history for your watch

Every watch has a story, and we want to hear it. We are building a new type of service for helping watch-owners to make histories of their watches more trustworthy and transparent.

Want to know when we are ready, or perhaps help us make just right for you?

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How works?

Build comprehensive history for your watch by documenting its finest details, service history and previous owners in a one place. Store service documents, photos and other attachments safely in the cloud, without a worry of ever losing them.


Show yourself as a reliable seller by sharing selected amount of your watches history with the potential buyers. As a trustworthy seller, your watches gain higher demand and value.


When buying an used watch with comprehensive history, you put your mind at ease by knowing what you are actually getting. After purchase, you can transfer the history for yourself and continue keeping up the high-level documentation for you watch.

Buying used watch is risky. We want to help.

Be cautious of prices too good to be true. Cross-check references both on Deal Watch and Good Guys. Ask the seller for a link to his/her registered user account and then verify by email & PM (private message) the account is legitimate. Remember - know your seller!

— Be cautious of offers too good to be true,

It is very easy for scammers to create fictitious online identities and to provide false references. Accordingly, you should learn as much as possible about your seller or trading partner and take all possible steps to verify the information – do not accept information at face value.